Sea Cargo Service

Sea Cargo Service Process:
Sea cargo services are vital for transporting goods across oceans efficiently and affordably. process offered by AMP-AGARWAL MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED, the leading provider in the industry:
1. Booking and Documentation: Customers begin by booking their cargo shipments and providing essential details such as goods type, volume, weight, and destination. Agarwal Movers Packers assists in completing the necessary paperwork accurately.
2. Cargo Acceptance and Inspection: Upon arrival, trained professionals inspect the cargo thoroughly to ensure it meets safety standards and is properly packaged.
3. Cargo Handling and Packaging: The cargo is handled with care and packaged securely to withstand the journey across the sea. Agarwal Movers Packers uses advanced techniques and materials to ensure the cargo's safety.

SEA CARGO SERVICES Agarwal Movers Packers

  • Customs Clearance and Documentation: Comprehensive customs clearance procedures are conducted to meet regulatory requirements. Agarwal Movers Packers assists in preparing and submitting the necessary customs documentation.
  • Containerization and Loading: Cargo is containerized based on its size and destination. Agarwal Movers Packers ensures efficient loading onto vessels, maximizing space and ensuring safe stowage.
  • Vessel Booking and Scheduling: Suitable vessels are selected based on cargo volume, destination, and transit time. Agarwal Movers Packers collaborates with reputable shipping lines to secure bookings and schedule shipments.
  • Transit and Tracking: Customers can track their shipments in real-time. Agarwal Movers Packers provides updates on the cargo's location and estimated time of arrival.
  • Port Handling and Unloading: Upon arrival at the destination port, the cargo is efficiently handled and unloaded from the vessel.
  • Customs Clearance at Destination: The cargo undergoes customs clearance procedures at the destination port. Agarwal Movers Packers ensures all necessary documentation is in order for smooth clearance.
  • Inland Transportation and Delivery: The cargo is transported from the port to its final destination inland. Agarwal Movers Packers offers comprehensive inland transportation services, including trucking and rail.
  • Documentation and Proof of Delivery: Customers receive complete documentation and proof of delivery once their cargo reaches its final destination. Agarwal Movers Packers ensures all paperwork is accurate and provided promptly.
  • As a properly registered company with verified documents, including CIN number, PAN number, ISO certification, and GST registration, Agarwal Movers Packers is the trusted choice for sea cargo services. For inquiries and bookings, call us on +91 9610016002.

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