Car Transportation

Agarwal Movers Packers Cars often need to be transported and distributed around the country, or even around the world. A car transporter or carrier is a truck (or a ship) that is designed to transport several cars at once, typically to an auction or dealership. Car carriers come in a variety of sizes and types. Car dealers usually employ the services of a carrier to ship several cars to a destination at once. Individuals can also engage the services of car transporters to arrange car transport interstate, overseas or even locally; for one or more vehicles.

Car Transportation

Car transport services provide secure, insured transportation of cars from car dealerships, factories and ships to other dealerships or to auction. Car carriers are available in several different types. The most common has a rack built onto the truck that allows for transportation of several cars at a time. Also available are trailer carriers or units that can connect onto the back of a truck. There are also units that are removable and fit wholly onto a truck or other large vehicle. Car carriers can also be used by businesses who want to move their fleet of vehicle to a new location.

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