Corporate Shifting

Corporate Shifting Service Process:
When it comes to corporate shifting, Agarwal Movers Packers stands out as a top choice, offering seamless relocation services for businesses across national and international locations. Here's a detailed look at their process:
1. Initial Consultation: Agarwal Movers Packers begins by meeting with the corporate client to understand their specific needs, budget, and timeline.
2. Pre-Move Survey: Trained professionals conduct a thorough survey to assess the volume of items to be moved and any unique requirements.
3. Customized Planning: Based on the survey, a tailored plan is created, detailing the packing materials needed, transportation logistics, and other essential aspects.
4. Packing and Labeling: Skilled packers use high-quality materials to pack office items meticulously, ensuring each item is labeled for easy unpacking.
5. Disassembly and Reassembly: Specialized tools are used to disassemble and reassemble office furniture and equipment safely and efficiently.

Corporate Shifting

6. Secure Transportation: State-of-the-art vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems are used for transportation, ensuring the safe delivery of items.
7. Unloading and Placement: The team unloads and places items at the new location according to a pre-agreed floor plan, paying special attention to fragile items.
8. Setup and Installation: The team assists in setting up workstations, installing furniture, and connecting IT equipment to ensure a smooth transition.
9. Post-Move Support: Agarwal Movers Packers provides post-move assistance, including unpacking, furniture arrangement, and addressing any issues that may arise.
10. Documentation and Feedback: Complete documentation, including inventory lists and packing slips, is provided to the client. Feedback is also welcomed to enhance their services. As a properly registered and verified company, Agarwal Movers Packers ensures a hassle-free corporate shifting experience. For bookings and inquiries, contact US at +91 9610016002.

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